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      Brand Profile

      XG brand was founded in October 1997. It is a branded women's clothing enterprise integrating design, production and sales of elegant women's clothing. There are more than 1,500 employees, and there are currently more than 800 specialty stores in major and medium cities across the country.

      XG brand is dedicated to the interpretation of fashion, elegance, and feminine style. The products are elegant, concise and pay attention to texture and details to meet the needs of 28-45-year-old women who are economically independent, advocating life, pursuing quality, self-assertionand taste.

      The company has successively won such honors as "Top 50 Chinese Women's Wear Companies", "Best-selling Women's Wear Brands in the Chinese Market", "Best Employer Enterprise in China's Apparel Industry", and "Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Credit AAA Level Contract-abiding and Credit-honoring Unit".

      XG upholds the brand mission of "Making the world more beautiful because of us", continuously innovates and pursues excellence. In the future, the XG brand will leverage the capital market, with the vision of creating an international fashion company with an international vision and comprehensive competitiveness, integrate global superior resources, and will always strive to create an international multi-brand fashion group.

      Brand Profile

      Brand goal: Elegant life, the pursuit of personalized fashion

      Brand concept: Elegant urban women

      Brand DNA: Flower pattern

      Customer group positioning: elegant urban women aged 28-38 who pay attention to the quality of life

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