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      Information about XG official website
      Information Hotline

      *Our hotline service will provide the information about your orders, after-sales issues, XG new-business investment and our recruitment. (9:00AM to 18:00PM, Spring festival excluded)

      Please call 400.8851.997
      Shopping Online

      * Please enter“XG New Products Mall” or “XG Clothing Flagship Store” to get our latest products online. Our professional customer service online will also assist you.

      Offline Store

      * Please click on“Store inquiry” , search for the stores in your city. We have a customers group chat on WeChat for each store, please ask the consultant in group chat for help.

      Company Address

      *Floor 1-4, Building 2, Guoda Plaza, Tangjiaqiao Road, Longwan District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, PRC

      Follow Us

      Please follow XG for the latest information